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Window Tinting

Residents of West Covina, California commonly find that the sunshine will do a fair amount of damage to one’s automobile. The sun can also pose a major health danger to the driver and other passengers due to harmful UV rays. To help address this concern, at WCCG we now provide a high quality window tinting service. Not only does our service help keep your automobile feeling cooler, but the interior colors will be better preserved helping you maintain the “new car” look and smell even longer. When you add in the overall lower temperatures in a vehicle after tinting and the potential health benefits, it’s hard to see why everyone doesn’t tint their windows in California. Having your auto window tint done professionally not only keeps your car cooler in the hot summer days, but it also helps you with your gas MPG’s from running the AC all the time when you live in one of the best climates in the United States. Our team knows how to deliver a quality car tinting service.

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At West Covina Car Glass, our team of expert technicians knows how to make your car or truck look like it’s just come home from the dealer. We have built a big experience base over the past 15 years, and you will never be disappointed with our craftsmanship. Our team also knows the ins and outs of California state law as it comes to the maximum amount of window tint that you are allowed to have on every window on your automobile. You never have to worry about our team exceeding the legal limits on window tint, and we provide a lifetime warranty on all work accomplished by our shop. You will never be disappointed by West Coast Car Glass, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied by the quality of our work.

No matter what your auto glass repair needs are, the team at West Covina Car Glass is here to take care of you. Our team has built up our expertise over the past 15 years by taking care of the wide variety of customer needs we run into in the local area, and are here to help you. No matter what you need, you can count on our team to take care of you. Please give our friendly staff a call today for any auto glass repair needs that you have, and all quotes are provided free of charge.

All of our company staff and technicians are trained to understand and strictly adhere to the state of California regulations on the maximum window tint that can be applied to each window of a car in our state at West Covina Car Glass. Our techs are also able to explain how much window tinting services will cost you and will never add any fees or costs to our service without first discussing the price with you. After your auto window tinting service is complete, our auto glass technicians will ensure that they meet the 70 percent VLT (visible light transmission) rule that California enforces for the side and front windows. When the car tinting service call is completed, they will also provide you with the appropriate documentation to prove to those who might check that your windows are not over tinted in violation of state law. We will also take the time to explain to all of our new and existing customers how the window tinting process works, and we will never do a job in violation of state law which can put you at risk for a ticket from the highway patrol.

No matter what your reasons are for seeking out a high quality car tinting job are, West Covina Car Glass is here to take care of you. Our mobile tinting technicians are highly trained and certified to work on the full range of automobiles that the residents of the West Covina area drive to include both foreign and domestic automobiles and aim to be your one-stop shop for car window tinting services. You will never be disappointed in our quality of service, and we know how to transform your automobile into something that your friends will be in awe of. All of our work comes with a 100% lifetime warranty, and we never leave a customer unhappy. Just check around, and you will see that our company ranks in the top for quality of work and customer service. If you are in the market for an auto window tinting job today, just give our friendly staff a call today. We provide free quotes to all customers, and look forward to working with you today.

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